About us

Grand Distribution is a major national holding company that takes one of the prominent places in the Ukrainian FMCG distribution market.

Grand Distribution unites independent distribution ventures within its structure covering most of Ukraine’s territory. All of the ventures in the Grand Distribution structure are standard-bearers in light of the distribution business in their regions.

The main goal ofGrand Distribution is to organize the performance of enterprises, that are included in our structure, aimed at increasing and managing the effectiveness of the selling system; developing and modernization of logistic processes; implementing IT innovations; reducing risks in performance as well as creating and supporting the effective personnel management system.

We collaborate with famous brands – figureheads of the FMCG goods world market in: food products, household chemicals, hygiene products, cosmetics, homeware.

Grand Distribution company is considered a reliable, consistent partner that provides qualitative and sustained service for suppliers and customers in sales, mass consumption goods promotion and food products fields. Grand Distribution working principle is based on the understanding that people are the most valuable resource. More than 2000 successful specialists work with us and are the main recipe for our company’s success. We endeavor to be the leaders and hence we continue searching for new talents with huge personal and professional potential; the ones that are ambitious and responsible, ready to reach their goals and not afraid of the obstacles on their ways.