Nowadays, all companies: small- to large-sized, need information technology to withstand competition in the widespread use of high-tech solutions. We have ERP, EDI, SED, and Starlink. Business process continuity is about us.

Utilization of IT in distribution significantly reduces and speeds up the way of transferring goods from producer to consumer. Yet, fast transmission of information both within the enterprise and in the external environment is of great importance in minimizing the movement of goods. Foreign experience shows that those firms that rely on market-based EDI standards have a chance to function effectively in the future.

Grand Distribution keeps pace with technological advancements and is one of the first companies in the market to implement the most progressive IT technologies. We invest heavily in the development of the corporate IT department to facilitate the work of our employees, accelerate and simplify the collection of applications by agents, improve the quality of product selection in stock and increase the speed of delivery of goods.

Grand Distribution appraises the importance and value of information these days. Not to disappoint the manufacturers and partners with whom we work, it was decided not to use the services of outsourcing IT companies. The whole range of IT services is performed only by IT employees. This allows us to be more efficient and operational.

All branches of Grand Distribution are equipped with diesel generators and Starlink satellite communication equipment, which allows to ensure the continuity of all business processes in the Company.
A modern distribution company cannot do without such systems as:
Data management system (ERP);
Allows to analyze the performance of enterprises wheresoever, to study statistical indicators and identify long-term relationships between them in real-time mode.
Electronic data interchange (EDI);
Grand Distribution fully utilizes electronic data interchange systems. This technology guarantees both the correctness of the data conversion and the very delivery of messages to the addressees and the sequence of messages delivery. The authenticity and confidentiality of the information transmitted are ensured. In our company, EDI is a fully automated interaction between the information systems of partners, excluding human participation.
Document automation;
Automation of docflow and business processes has significantly increased the controllability of storage and movement of almost any type of information in Grand Distribution (especially in geographically distributed) through the introduction of the product. It provided transparency and manageability of the organization’s business processes and brought to a qualitatively new level the control of their implementation by employees.

Mobile trading system;
Grand Distribution’s IT department is particularly proud of its own development of a mobile trading system (RSA – Remote Sales Agent) – a software complex designed to automate the work of sales representatives, who collect orders on smartphones or tablets running Android OS, in pre-selling, van-selling and merchandising. This solution allows manufacturers to use the distributor’s mobile trading system free of charge, thus excluding investment in third-party products.

System for monitoring the movement of traders and drivers;
The use of GPS removal allows controlling the time and route of movement of a trading agent or driver. This information subsequently helps to monitor the quality of work. With the help of supervision, the employer can direct and motivate the staff to more intensive efforts and improve their discipline. To talk about drivers – improving the quality and shortening the delivery time of the product. The software used – Grand GPS tracker running Android OS.

Security and access control systems;
Grand Distribution takes care of the safety of its employees and assets, so it uses access control systems in offices and warehouses in conjunction with video surveillance systems. This ensures the guaranteed safety of our facilities.

WMS Systems;
IT specialists at all Grand Distribution warehouses have implemented «WMS». This has led to the improvement of warehousing processes and the rapid and accurate recording of goods in such transactions as: transferring, loading, dispatching and storing. The software is based on bar-coding technologies and allows accurate product accounting with the help of a data acquisition terminal, WiFi equipment and software.
This is not a complete list of technologies we use in our sophisticated distribution business. To organize our work we also use: ip telephony, video conferencing, uninterrupted power supply systems, cloud technologies, etc.
For quick response to IT problems, we have established a special technical support department, which is available around the clock and is always ready to jump in to help. Requests are recorded using the Help Desk system.