We collaborate with famous brands – figureheads of the FMCG goods world market in: food products, household chemicals, hygiene products, cosmetics, homeware.

Most brands are exclusively presented by us!

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An innovative enterprise equipped with automated manufacturing lines with a multi-layered control system that carries out products at a competitive price and thus ensuring high profitability of your Partners’ business.


Making sweet dreams come true for 25 years! Company “KONTI” is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in Ukraine. It was founded in 1997 and is one of the industry leaders. Kostiantynivka Confectionery Factory and “A” class Logistics center in Dnipro is also part of the Company.


Carlsberg is a Danish multinational brewer.


«PepsiCo» is one of the largest producers of food and beverages in Ukraine.


Nemiroff is an alcohol production company. Today it is a leading global producer of high-quality alcohol and one of the leaders of the world market of alcohol, known in 80 countries.


TERRA FOOD is a fast-growing dairy company, a  leader in the butter, spreads and cheese markets in Ukraine. TERRA FOOD consolidate dairy units of the TERRA FOOD Group – one of the largest vertically structured integrated holding which is developing business in three sectors (dairy, meat and agro) and has production facilities in Ukraine.


Lactalis Group appeared on the Ukrainian market as early as 1993 in the person of the brand President. World leader in the production of cheese and dairy products.

Ukrainian company, the leader in the tea market. Owns modern high-tech equipment for the production and packaging of tea, coffee, pasta and fast-cooking products.

«Cheese Club» is one of the five leaders among the main players in the market of hard rennet cheese in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2003.


«Kormotech» are two high-tech plants for the production of dry and wet feed for cats and dogs. On the market since 2003. TM Miau, Gav, Club 4 paws, Opti Meal.

Бель Шостка Україна

Products: Hard-pressed cheese / Yogurt / Dry casein / Margarine / Butter / Ice cream / Drinks.


Loostdorf LLC is a modern dynamic company, one of the largest producers of dairy products in Ukraine. For more than 25 years, Loostdorf has confidently maintained a high level of product quality, leading market positions and consumer loyalty..


The centuries-old traditions of Shabo winemaking underlay the creation in 2003 of the «Shabo» company – the Ukrainian winemaking complex with a full production cycle. The company’s activities are focused on the cultivation and processing of grapes, the production and sales of Shabo alcoholic products made exclusively from hand-picked grapes.

Strauss Group

Strauss Group is an international company, which specializes in the production of food and beverages. n the Eastern Europe market, Strauss has been operating since the late 90s and represents such well-known brands as: Chorna Carta, Ambassador, FORT, Totti Caffe, Elite Health Line, Sucrazit.


KOMO is a modern Ukrainian brand with a delicious, more than 10-year history. Thanks to the inspiration and high professionalism of the experts, cheeses appeared in the KOMO line with their own recipes – Tenero, Familia, Gorihovyi, Grande, Country. Consumers highly appreciated the new tastes and as a result of 2015 TM KOMO obtained the rank “№1 choice of the Year”.


«Alef-Vinal» is one of the leading alcoholic companies in Ukraine with the largest portfolio of alcoholic beverages. For 18 years of work in the alcohol market, the company has accumulated rich and unique experience in the creation of several outstanding alcohol brands.


KABANOSY – Meat in an interesting format. Since 2007, the key competence was the manufacture of meat products, «Dmitruk» managed to establish cooperation with distributors throughout Ukraine, to gain the support of reliable partners and to build a system-wide powerful production. “Dmitruk” was founded in the autumn 2017, creating new food solutions for people.


GlaxoSmithKline plc is a British pharmaceutical company, one of the largest in the world.

«Eastern trading company»

Eastern trading company LLC – manufacturing company: polymeric containers, household chemicals, hygiene products, disposable tableware.